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Health Overdose is a knowledge and select products hub dedicated to building and promoting own health and wholeness and that of the ones we care for.

Through HOD, achieving and living in wholeness is simplified. The blog’s content editors are established and expert professionals and communicators.

We believe that in the absence of health, living a fulfilling life is challenging; in the absence of wholeness, life’s meaning and purpose is lost.


Our goal is to change lives by providing simple solutions to everyday challenges to attaining wholeness. We like exploring plant-based oils, tea, and plant extracts; they almost always find a way in our preventative health base

Why “Health Overdose?”

Taking health and wholeness for granted is common to human kind until disaster strikes. Many of us have a tendency to be reactive to matters of health other than fully proactive. Health Overdose emphasizes a daily proactive immersion into healthy and whole living.

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